Soul Murmurs Book Review

Soul Murmurs

Seasonal words of spiritual wisdom to enlighten the soul

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From the author of Acts of Kindness from your Armchair and the uplifting Healing Words blog, comes this new offering for those seeking deeper meaning to life. Soul Murmurs is a must-have collection of poetry and prose imbued with spiritual wisdom from east and west. Each page, resonating with peace and calm, offers comfort and moments of reflection in a fast-moving world. In this compilation, you will discover meditative verses which speak to the heart and soul; silent cries of longing for meaning; joyful searching for the Divine within and in the wider world; autobiographical vignettes offering insight on aspects of human life that we all experience. Gathered under seasonal headings to echo the eternal cycle of life, each page reverberates with inspiration, spiritual encouragement and suggested action points to uplift the reader throughout the year.

A collection of spiritual poetry, accompanied by prose commentary, gathered around the seasons of the year. These commentaries take the reader on an exploration of the self.


Soul murmurs is a very inspirational book containing a collection of poems with spiritual wisdom in them.

Although I read the whole book to be able to properly review it, I feel that this is a book to be read slowly. Maybe that one at your nightstand that gets read a bit here and there, when inspiration is needed or sought. I will definitely go back to this book, in a slower manner, to be able to reflect on the passages and the spiritual messages. So I highly recommend taking your time reading Soul Murmurs. 

The way the author shares her personal experiences, makes it feel so authentic. She mentioned suffering from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, which I can only imagine how difficult and challenging it can be. Yet the author shares how the power of meditation had an effect on herself.

Not only inspirational but also very uplifting to see someone that besides life's challenges can still find meaning and power in such practices. Makes me look inside myself to reflect on how the same practices could affect my own life.

The four seasons in which this book is divided, emphasizes the importance of pacing out your reading. But as I mentioned, I couldn't let myself review a book without reading it cover to cover. 

The wide variety of poems will provide different feelings. Some might resonate with you, and some might not. But the main message I found throughout the book is to do positive things for others. 
One idea suggested by the author simply touched my heart. This suggestion is to send a letter or a postcard to a sick child. This and other acts of kindness, which I feel are such a lovely and sentimental thing to do.

I know that I will start to sound like a broken record, yet I can't say enough how inspirational this book is. I recommend this book to anyone that is spiritual or is looking to awaken spirituality within. Is not a book I would recommend to people preferring not to read about spiritualism with a touch of religion. 

*Disclaimer: I received an advanced digital copy of this book with the purpose of reviewing it.